it's amazing how much such a little thing can eat, and being prepared with a supply of snacks when out and about makes life so much easier...
children’s snack boxes school lunch boxes
1/ toddler travel snackball, £10.95, lula sapphire **for 15% off enter BABYSTYLE01 at the checkout**
2/ rectangular plastic food boxes, £14 for a set of 8 boxes, not on the high street
3/ apple lunch tins, £7.95 each, colloco
**for 10% off enter BSFCOLLOCO at the checkout**
4/ i love london lunchbox, £4.95, dot com gift shop
5/ apple lunch box, £9.99, funky moose
**for 10% off enter FMBSF at the checkout**
6/ reusable snack sack, 8.95, shak-shuka