hammering toys

Thursday, August 05, 2010 , , , , ,

the ancient art of hitting things with a stick is such a simple pleasure...these hammering toys will develop your baby's hand-eye coordination whilst making a super smashing noise that's sure to raise a smile

hammering toys pounding wooden toys
1/ pound a sound, £22.50, lulasapphire.com
2/ baby hammering toy by plan toys, £17.99, babipur.co.uk **for 10% off enter BLS at the checkout**
3/ bouncing pounder, £13.99, oldfashionedtoyshop.co.uk **for 10% off enter BSTYLE10 at the checkout**
4/ viola wooden hammer and roll shape sorting toy, £11.95, amazon.co.uk
5/ miracle pounding toy, £18.95, woodentoystore.co.uk
battino musical hammer toy, £24.95, vupbaby.co.uk **for 10% off your first order enter STYLE at the checkout**