if you want to add a bit of a decorative flourish into your nursery or playroom, but wallpaper is a step too far (or perhaps you're in rented accommodation) then wall stickers might be just the ticket...
vinyl wall stickers children's room nursery playroom

1/ umbrella wall sticker, £45, unitypeg.com

2/ bird tree wall sticker, £69.95, 95percentdanish.com **for 20% off enter 20BSTYLE at the checkout**
3/ learn to write wall sticker, £25, peanutandpip.com
**for 10% off enter BSFPP10 at the checkout**
4/ city wallstickers, £52, supernice.co.uk
5/ elephant wall decal, £45, littlebabycompany.com
6/ cowboys and indians wall stickers, £59.99, sistersguild.co.uk
**for 10% off enter WISH at the checkout**
7/ speech bubble chalk board wall stickers, £25, johnlewis.com
8/ baby blocks wallsticker, £85, roseandgrey.co.uk **for 15% off enter BSF15 at the checkout**
9/ robot factory, £45, wearestuk.com **for 15% off enter BSFXMAS10 at the checkout**
10/ trees wall stickers, £54, supernice.co.uk