quite frankly life is waaaay to short to iron children's clothing and thankfully most of it folds up neatly - making a chest of drawers the clothes storage of choice. take your pick....

chest of drawers draw units nursery

1/ stuva storage combination with drawers, £173.62, ikea.co.uk

2/ beech chest of drawers, £225, aspace.com
3/ oak tall boy, £380, untothislast.co.uk
4/ chest of drawers by kuster, £455 (baby changer, £80, sold separately), lulasapphire.com
5/ oeuf sparrow dresser, £628, naturalmat.co.uk
6/ micki chest of drawers, £279.44, scandinaviandesigncentre.com
7/ slot kids' tallboy, £280, habitat.co.uk
8/ heal's house wide chest, £695, heals.co.uk