if you're planning on sharing a room with your new arrival and a full size cot seems a bit big - a (static) crib, (rocking) cradle or (portable) moses basket might be just the thing you're after...

moses basket crib cradle well designed stylish wicker cardboard bednest

be mini convertable cradle into minidesk, €434, kidslovedesign.com
2/ bednest, £239, bednest.com
3/ willow crib, £215, naturalmat
4/ moses basket leylou, £345, kinderroom.co.uk
5/ voyage design cradle, €869, kidslovedesign.com
6/ the snug moses basket, £99.99, mothercare.com
7/ radiating cradle, £1950, funktionalley.com
8/ white recyclable carboard coat, £65.50, littlefashiongallery.com
9/ bassinet with fabric by seimi, £359.99, nordickids.co.uk