rattles are a great baby gift - no problems with sizing and they're pretty gender neutral too (if you get bothered by such things) - oh and not forgetting the fact that babies love giving them a little shake. choose wisely and they'll double up as a friendly toy, play food and/or teethers (although quite frankly babies are willing to put most things in their mouths)

baby rattles fair trade wooden knitted vegetables monkey cat teething

baby rattle twist, £3.90, abctoys.co.uk
2/ dingaring craig crocodlile, £15, ollieandforbes.com *for 10% off enter bsf2011 at the checkout*
3/ girl monkey rattle, $19, blablakids.com
4/ hochet peter la mouche denim, £10.19, smallable.com
5/ natural disc rattle, £16.40, scp.co.uk
6/ monkey shaped ring rattle, £16.95, birdkids.co.uk
7/ fair trade vegetable rattles, £17.99 for a set of five, babipur.co.uk * for 10% off enter BSF at the checkout*
8/ cat rattle, £10, sugarplumtree.co.uk
9/ dolio rattle, £29.50, twentytwentyone.com