yes it's summer but consider these facts...a) it's been unseasonably wet, b) it's better to be prepared for rain before you actually get wet, and c) kids love a brollie whatever the weather. and so today I give to you my pick of the best umbrellas...

children's umbrellas kids brollies fulton cath kidston dotcomgiftshop frog dinosaur stars rainbow monkey frilly purple ladybird bee stripy spotty

1/ frog umbrella for children, £7.99, brollies gallore
2/ red retrospot children's umbrella, £7.95, dotcomgiftshop
3/ dinosaur umbrella for children, £5.50, amazon
4/ drizzles kids striped umbrella rainbow, £3.99, bags and luggage
5/ monkey umbrella, £12.80, boo boo designs
6/ galleria purple frill umbrella, £11.40, style child
7/ bugzz umbrella ladybug, £6.99, blue daisy
8/ shooting stars cath kidston funbrella, £10, fulton
9/ samsonite sammies bee umbrella, £15, funky moose *for 10% off enter FMBSF at the checkout*