still looking for a little gift inspiration? today's gift list is all about the toddlers...but quite frankly there are lots and lots of lovely things that could have made the list so if you still want more, take a peek around the rest of the baby style file (there's even a search function if you're a bit time strapped)
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1/ mix and match umbrella, £12.50, tate
2/ classic aeroplane, £10, babi pur
*for 10% off enter BSF at the checkout*
3/ miffy play tent, £39.99, miffy shop
4/ mr dog dexterity toy, £12.95, selecta
5/ rosalie doll, £38, the lollipop shoppe
6/ variola ball track system, £75.95, vupbaby *for 10% off enter STYLE at the checkout*
7/ fruit and vegetable set in a basket, £17.95, bird kids
8/ wooden puppet theatre, £55, heal's
9/ zoo animals, £16, cath kidston