who would have thought that a series of flat packed wooden trolls could look this good...(a great way of adding a spot of interest to the top of a wardrobe or a windowsill me thinks...)

Lovi Birch Ply Moomintroll Snorkmaiden Moominpappa Moominmamma moomin family swedish troll dolls flat packed flatpack plywood moomin figures figurines hus and hem hus&hem  babystylefile baby style file
(from left)
lovi birch ply moominmamma, £18.95, hus & hem

lovi birch ply moomintroll, £12.95, hus & hem
lovi birch ply moominpappa, £18.95, hus & hem
lovi birch ply snorkmaiden, £12.95, hus & hem