rachel powell's bird print wallpapers have featured on the baby style file before...but the print that i was even more excited about has taken a little longer to launch. worth waiting for though...i mean where else would you find robots driving tractors in a nicely graphic and not too babyish fashion!? oh and just to add to all the patterned excitement, she's now screen printing these ever so lovely bits of artwork too. happy days indeed.
    yoko screen print robot wallpaper tractor rachel powell deere john artwork print picture poster babystylefile baby style file   
1/ robot screen print, £35, rachel powell
1/ deere john wallpaper in dirty teal, £68 per roll, rachel powell
2/ yoko screen print, £35, rachel powell
2/ woodstock wallpaper in cloud, £68 per roll, rachel powell
**if you order before the 15th january you can get 10% off by entering 'iheartrobots' at the checkout**