before you gasp at the price and say it's totally doolally to spend so much on a rug for a child, please bear with me...these beautifully designed, traditionally crafted, handmade, fairly traded and very limited edition rugs are a fine example of craft, not particularly suited to a sicky baby's bedroom floor it's true, but they are very lovely and i just wanted you to see them...(we can all dream can't we?)
 made by node rugs ethical fair trade rug design museum shop sanna annukka donna wilson kevin waldron cat bear fox bird wall hanging rugbabystylefile baby style file 
1/ sanna annukka node rug, £950, design museum shop
2/ donna wilson node rug, £950, design museum shop
3/ kevin waldron node rug, £950, design museum shop
4/ bear rug, €525, node